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  • Can anyone visit the gardens & parklands?
    Yes. The gardens & parklands are open to the public WHEN there is not a private event on. Please contact the office to find out if they are open when you want to visit. 01453 861050
  • Is there a guided tour of the gardens?
    Yes. Liam Latham, our gardener extraordinaire, offers a guided tour between April & September. These are available on a first come first serve basis. There is one tour available per week. Book a tour here.
  • Can we bring a picnic?
    YES!! We encourage you make a day of it. We have tables and chairs set up near the palm house for just an occasion.
  • What are the capacities of the Reception and Ceremony Rooms?
    Matara is a licensed wedding venue - with the new rules - you can have your civil ceremony anywhere on the grounds. The Hilarium can have 150 guests for a Civil Ceremony, can hold 150 seated guests for Wedding Breakfast, and 200 Evening Reception Guests. Unity & Beech combined holds 70 guests for a Civil Ceremony. The Cloistered Courtyard can have up to 100 Guests for a Civil Ceremony, 80 seated and 20 standing. The Front Lawn & Dragonfly Pond can accommodate over 150 guests for a Civil Ceremony. The Woodland setting comfortably accommodates 70 - 80 guests for a Civil Ceremony.
  • Will someone from Matara be there on our Wedding Day?
    From the time you book Matara through to the actual wedding day itself, you will have the support of dedicated wedding coordinators who can help you with styling and ideas, menu choices, and creating a schedule for your day. On the day one of us will be here to guide you through your wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Are we allowed to use confetti?
    Yes, we allow confetti but we do ask for it to be biodegradable and most preferably Rose petals.
  • Can we provide our own drinks?
    Yes you can. We charge a corkage fee* that allows you to provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the time your guests arrive until the end of dinner. Matara staff will chill, provide glassware and serve your drinks. Please note after dinner corkage ends, your drinks will be removed and stored safely. Our Bar will then remain open for the rest of your event. *this rate is subject to change each year.
  • What happens after we secure Matara as our venue?
    We ask for a deposit at the time of booking to secure the date (In general is it 25%). The deposit is dependent on the period of time between booking and date, which we will discuss with you when you choose your date. We also ask for a £750.00 food & drink deposit to be paid upon booking which is deducted from your final catering bill 30 days prior to your wedding.
  • What furniture is included in the venue hire?
    The venue price includes all the furniture, 5ft round tables for your guests - up to a maximum of 15 Tables | a formal top table which can be long, round or oval, a 3ft round cake table and 150 wooden banquet chairs. The Oval Top table is 8ft Length & 4ft wide, the long tables are 6ft long and 2.6ft wide.
  • What are the check in and out times for the accommodation?
    The House can be checked into from 3pm and check out is at 11am. The Lodge and 4 Zens are all check in at 3pm and check out at 10:30am.
  • Is breakfast included?
    Breakfast is included within the Lodge and Zens. Kingscote Park house is self-catering. Our chef can cater at your request within the house if required.
  • How many bedrooms are in the main house?
    10 bedrooms including the bridal suite.
  • How many bathrooms does the main house have?
    5 full bathrooms & 1 half bathroom. There are two bathtubs and 5 walk-in showers.
  • Who has access to the hot tub?
    The hot tub is for the guests of Kingscote Park House. If members of your group are staying in the Zens or the Lodge they may also use the hot tub.
  • How many Zen rooms are there?
    There are 4 Zen rooms, each with a private three-piece bathroom with walk-in showers.
  • Who can book the Zen rooms?
    The Zen rooms are held for the wedding party of the day and are available at the discretion of the couple.
  • What accommodation can be secured for multiple days?
    The house is available to rent for multiple days. For example you can rent the house the night before and the night of your wedding. All subject to availability, of course. 😉
  • When do we need to decide on catering and drinks?
    All catering is carried out in-house by our own chef. We ask for final numbers 30 days prior to your wedding so you will need to have your final menu chosen by this point. We will then raise your final bill for food & drinks based on the numbers you provide us. There is a surcharge of £750 for less than 50 guests.
  • Can we set up our wedding the day before?
    If we do not have an event the day before your wedding, you can arrange with a wedding coordinator at Matara to set up the venue the day before. However, as part of our service to you we will dress the room for you on the morning of your wedding with the decoration you provide.
  • What are the measurements of the Reception and Ceremony Rooms?
    The Hilarium: 12 x 12m. The height to the highest point of the dome is 16ft | the height of the four walls is 12ft. Unity & Beech (combined): 4.5 x 8m Mandela: 4 x 6.5m Welcome Room: 5m x 7m Bar: 3.5m x 6m
  • How many guests can be seated on your tables?
    5ft round can seat 8-10. Oval can seat 9 half way or 12 all the way around. 6ft long can seat 3 either side and 1 at each end (8 in total).
  • Do you have the facilities for a slide show?
    Yes, Matara can provide a projector and a table for a slide show; we ask you to provide the laptop with all the information for the slide show on it. We also suggest that you test this prior to the day as you are fully responsible for the setup.
  • What other items do you have we can use?
    We have: 1 Easel 4 Highchairs Table Name or Number Holders a Cake Knife Built-In PA systems in the Hilarium, Cloistered Courtyard, & Welcome Courtyard For speeches & music for your ceremony & a Portable PA System for Outdoor Music.
  • How many hooks are there in the dome to hang things from?
    There are 12 hooks around the outside of the dome and within the actual dome itself there are 36 hooks in total.
  • What is the circumference & diameter of the dome?
    The Circumference of the Dome is 18 Metres. The Diameter is 6 Metres.
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