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an arial shot of Matara's parklands
The words garden & parklands in calligraphy

The Gardens &
Parklands at Matara

Matara's gardens and parklands are places to share, come together, inspire, and support. They have been developed over the last twenty nine years and continue to evolve and they are dedicated to supporting their visitors and the earth as a whole. 

The word share in calligraphy


arial view of parklands at Matara

a place for sharing the land, ideas, and knowledge.

Quiet setting next to the water

The Parklands and Community Gardens at Matara are open to the public. We invite you to roam the land freely or join a guided walking tour and learn from Liam Latham, our gardener extraordinaire, who is passionate about rewilding and working with nature.

The word inspire in calligraphy


A Place to Learn

The intention behind the use of the 28 acres of parkland, woodlands, wetlands and hedgerows is to encourage nature to thrive. We have created several rewilding projects, introduced a tree planting schemes to create diverse habitats.

Arial view of the labyrinth at Matara
People walking the labyrinth at Matara
The word support in calligraphy


Wildflower Meadow Matara

a place for community

Moss lined clearing in the woods

The Community Gardens at Matara are available as a place for local groups to gather. We invite a wide range of groups to Matara as a gathering place from mum groups to outdoor yoga sessions, please get in touch to find out availability for your ideas and groups.

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