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Giving Back

Matara is dedicated to people and place. 

To that end the programs we are involved in are wide reaching. Some are onsite, others reach third world countries and others give to the local community. Most importantly our impact and focus is decided by everyone at Matara, from staff to visitors.

It is our wish that the tranquil beauty here inspires you to reconnect and fall in love with your own local habitat. We naturally protect what we love.

On-Site Restoration

The development of Matara over the past 29 years has been beyond our wildest dreams. Parklands are being restored to wildflower meadows from barren grazing land; woodland areas and hedgerows are being left to rewild; spaces are being created for people to escape the every day; and a tree is being planted for every event held at Matara. We are excited for the next stage as all these things are coming together.

A tall stack of felled wood on the property for a bird sanctuary

Rory's Well

Matara and Geoffrey have been involved with Rory's Well since it was established in 2014 by Karen & Tony Evans in memory of their son, Rory. Rory was a member of the Matara Team who died tragically and it was an honour to be asked to be part of this life giving project. What started as a donation to help dig new wells in Sierra Leone has evolved into a program for village regeneration focusing on the basics of life: clean water, food, health, livelihood and the environment. 

Rory's Well Project showing small children carrying water

Local Charities

Practicing the principles of social enterprise we understand the importance of supporting charities that help locally as well as those who work further afield. We believe that these local charities need financial support as well as help in raising awareness about their campaigns. To that end Matara donates a portion of our profits to local charities as well as co-hosting open garden days with them that showcase their work and reach into the local community. The charities are suggested by our guests & visitors and chosen by our staff. Know of a charity that you would like to put forward? Get in touch.

The welcome tori arch at Matara in bright red

Space to Gather

We offer the Palm House at Matara for groups of up to 10 people to come together to learn, share, and grow. Please contact us for more information

Intricate doors open showing the palm house

"All of us, whichever job or project we choose to take on, do something to change the culture. That social impact, positive or negative is our choice.

It turns out that all of us are social entrepreneurs. It's just that some people are choosing to make a bigger (and better) impact than others.

It's a spectrum, not a label."

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