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Hawthorn hedge flowering and a field of buttercups

A Real Celebration of Life

by Suman Suri

‘The minute we walked into Matara we felt at home. Why? Because it was that meeting of east and west and all inclusivity that felt just right. One could immediately feel that a loving hand had created this place offering up peace and hope and serenity in equal measure. 

We were able to hold a beautiful traditional Havan in honor of Naveen in beautiful surroundings with the sound water falling in the background. Just perfect. The woodlands, the Rose garden, the labyrinth, the Bhuddist quotes around every corner, the beautiful and variety of well chosen plants, sculptures, and other interior and exterior decor and the lovely walks provided numerous places to go and sit and contemplate and reflect on the circle of life and was the perfect place for our son to rest and be remembered. The idea of tying individual coloured ribbons on the memorial tree by each friend, work colleague and family member was so special for us too. Everyone who attended Naveen’s memorial service commented on the beauty and tranquilly of Matara and how grateful and glad they were to have been able to come to such a wonderful place to remember and gather their thoughts about Naveen and finally give some closure after 2 long years of covid.

Finally, the staff, particularly Abbie and Liam were brilliant and were flexible and accommodated all our specific needs. The vegetarian food was also delicious with a true homemade feel. Thank you very much to Matara for a wonderful experience and gratitude for providing such a special place where important defining moments of our lives can be celebrated. I look forward to returning every year to sit under my son’s tree and remember and celebrate his life with a picnic."

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