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Letting go to grow

an autumn scene at Matara to represent letting go to grow

Below is an offering of preparation before beginning your meditation practice. Its goal is to bring you to the present to enhance the mediation.

I hope you enjoy it. 

Geoffrey ~ Matara’s creator

Meditation - letting go to grow


Here’s a simple suggestion to help you move beyond the understanding of written words, into the world of your own direct experience. 

Find for yourself a beautiful spot in nature, a place where you can be alone with the powers of the natural world, somewhere that has a special feeling with which you resonate.

Find your place to be, by walking clockwise in a circle until a particular spot seems to call to you.

Mark it with a stone and continue walking. 

If the same spot calls to you again, this is your place in the circle. Every place on Mother Earth has a particular energy, and this is your place for you to sit today. 

Remain still and let the agitated thoughts of your mind settle down – stop look around you. Take in the spirit of the place – it’s unique character. Let yourself come into harmony with it.

Look at the sky above you. Watch the clouds passing like your thoughts and feelings passing across the open sky of your awareness. 

Feel the ever present heat of the Sun, like the constant love of great spirit bringing life to Mother Earth. 

Look at all the life around you – the coming into being on the passing away. 

Become aware of more than your sense of sight, which often dominates the other senses in a modern world.

You can only look in one direction, but you can hear all around; you can smell what is close to you; you can feel what it what is touching you. 

Open up all your five senses to the seen world around you, and your inner, spiritual sense to the unseen world that permeates it. 

Be fully aware of the place with all your being – spirit, mind, and body. 

Breath the air that surrounds you. 

This is the same air that is breathed by all other human beings and all animals. It connects you to them by invisible threads. 

Feel the wind on your face – the spirits of the four winds, north, south, east, and west. 

Which of these spirits is with you today? Like great spirits they pass unseen through the world, moving and shaping it. Listen to the sounds of the wind in the trees.

Be attentive to the wordless teachings of Nature. Sense your place in the great Web of life. Reach out with your spirit to the living world that sustains you. Transcend your separate identity and allow a knowing of the Whole. 

As Black Elk says:

“Peace comes within the souls of men when they realise their relationship, their oneness, with the wonders with the universe and all its powers and when they realise that at the centre of the universe and all its power and they realise that the the centre of the Universe dwells Spirit and that centre is really everywhere, it is within all of us.”

Open up your heart to the Great Mystery of life that may be appreciated, but never solved.

Let this meditation take you into you own meditation. Close your eyes, focus on the energy of your breath, relax, let go and grow.

From Native American Spiritually 


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