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Recapturing our Sense of Childhood Wonder

childhood wonder as kids look into an ornamental pond

~ musings of Geoffrey, Matara’s founder and curious creator

We were born with life-affirming beliefs that can easily get lost as we grow into an adult.

There is a feeling of safety.

We feel drawn to other people and trust our relationships.

We expect each event will have the best possible outcome.

We are filled with curiosity.

We have a sense of self-worth and feel it is natural to explore and develop our capabilities.

Later, our natural beliefs can be lost as we experience life.

Trust can become mistrust,

Intention can become doubt.

We begin to compete rather than work together.

Intimacy can become isolation.

We lose our sense of play.

We need to rediscover a more playful attitude. The very idea of play encourages the use of imagination and creative abilities.

Sunny thoughts are as necessary to our wellbeing as are the rays of the sun.

Sunny inborn attitudes examples are:

By nature I am a good deserving person, a valuable part of the universe.

My existence enriches life, just as life enriches me.

It is good, natural, and safe for me to grow, develop, and use my abilities, and by doing so enrich life.

I take it for granted my needs will be met in relation to life.

These attitudes are inbred in every cell of our bodies.

I invite you to explore these ideas to find your childhood wonder.

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