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Discovering the Feelings of Awe

feelings of awe in a woodland clearing

~ musings of Geoffrey, Matara’s founder and curious creator

I’m currently reading a book called AWE by Dacher Keltnre, it’s about the experiences that fill us with a sense of joyful wonder.

These are the feelings we would wish our guests to experience at Matara, in their special celebrations.

Researchers discovered five wonders of life that lead people around the world to feel a sense of awe.

They are:


LISTENING TO MUSIC Singing, dancing, sharing silence and stories with others. A feeling of connectedness.

EXCEPTIONAL PHYSICAL BEAUTY Matara is in a conservation area of outstanding natural beauty.

Is our experience of awe just a more intense feeling of beauty?

INNER BEAUTY Identifying and expressing the values that are important to us or the qualities that have attracted you to each other.

These can be reflected in your wedding vows, this may set your wedding apart in a refreshing, unique and memorable way.

THE FEELING OF WONDER FOR SOMETHING BIGGER THAN OURSELVES It doesn't have to be religious or spiritual, just something that makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself. For many today it’s the awe and wonder of being in nature.

Matara’s sense of tranquil beauty reflects the harmony, love, and care we put into a place we love, which inspires us with awe and beauty.

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