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Value Fulfilment

lady with a dragonfly on her finger demonstrating value fulfilment

~ musings of Geoffrey, Matara’s founder and curious creator

The following is an extract from Seth Speaks - a Jane Roberts dictation to her husband

“Each of us – including all life forms– are born with the feeling that we are something special.

No one has quite the same perspective. We are born with the secure sense that we fit perfectly into our environment, and with the desire to explore and expand and fulfil ourselves.

This impetus toward “value fulfilment” is simply a desire to improve the quality of whatever form of life we find ourselves at the centre of – to enrich that life in whatever way we can, through our own unique propensities, and in so doing leave our mark.

Each of us have our own blueprint for growth that propels us toward the greatest possible value fulfilment for ourselves – and which, at the same time, leads to the enrichment of other life forms.

Survival at any cost – Is not enough for any of us. Life must have meaning.

We can become deranged if we lose this feeling of being at life’s centre, and in control of our actions, of being a meaningful force in the scheme of things.

The satisfaction of basic needs is not enough. We must also feel safe and free enough to be creative: to use our vitality to seek meaning in our lives through an impulse towards the fulfilment of whatever qualities we possess.

We are not just an organism reacting to stimuli but have a built-in impulse towards growth and value fulfilment.

You are safe, protected - just go for it. Life will fulfil itself.”

Jane Roberts is one of Geoffrey’s lifelong teachers.

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